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How to extract CBD from hemp?

CBD exists in several forms. There are those that are in the form of gelatin in capsules, chewing gum, pasta, e-liquid, cosmetics and oil. Everyone can choose according to their needs. CBD differs from THC, not only in its health…

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What are the ecological virtues of hemp: a crop of the future?

All over the world, hemp is used as food or as an essential fibre. Over the millennia, this plant has clothed, warmed, sheltered and also fed entire populations. Hemp is therefore an amazing plant. These benefits are multiple. The cultivation…

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CBD oil: what are its different extraction processes?

CBD, a substance derived from cannabis, is increasingly sought after today because of its many therapeutic properties. Classified as a dietary supplement, this molecule can come in several different forms, but the oil remains the most common of them. Therefore,…

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What are the most popular CBD flowers?

Cannabidiol cannabis flowers provide various benefits. Unlike THC cannabis, CBD flowers are allowed for sale. With its unique benefits, the most popular CBD flowers come in a variety of forms.   CBD flowers: its unique benefits CBD flowers are derived…

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