How to extract CBD from hemp?

CBD exists in several forms. There are those that are in the form of gelatin in capsules, chewing gum, pasta, e-liquid, cosmetics and oil. Everyone can choose according to their needs. CBD differs from THC, not only in its health benefits, but especially in its use in a medical setting. Indeed, CBD is used to soothe pain, inflammation, and many other symptoms. CBD is obtained by extracting the plant material that contains it. This is why hemp flowers are the most used for the extraction of CBD, because they contain a lot of cannabinoid. The question is how to extract CBD from hemp? This article has been written to answer this question.  

Extraction of CBD by hand

One of the methods to extract CBD from hemp is hand extraction. It does not require a solvent. It can be said that this method is the simplest, but yields are often low. Thus it is not very practical for producers and users of CBD. As in the manufacture of CBD resin for example, pressure and heat are applied directly to the hemp flower to extract a natural oil. Also, for the manufacture of the CBD kief, only the process of cooling and shaking the hemp glands is applied.  

Solvent extraction of CBD

To extract CBD from hemp, you can also use the solvent extraction method. For this you need decarboxylated plant material. Then, in order to remove cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp, a solvent such as ethanol, butane or hexane is passed over the hemp. After extraction, allow the liquid to evaporate, retaining the CBD oil. Be aware that this method does not require a lot of equipment and is less expensive.  

Extraction of CBD with olive oil

Another method to extract CBD from hemp is the extraction of CBD using olive oil. This provides an opportunity for people who want to create their own oil at home. It is only necessary that you have a basic knowledge of cooking. As with solvent extraction, you need a decarboxylated vegetable material. Then heat it in the oil for at least two hours to have an infusion. Indeed, by the process of activation of the plant's compounds by heat, you will have an infusion of cannabinoids and olive oil fats. To have an oil infused with CBD, let the oil cool down and then filter the plant matter. This method is quite simple, however, its disadvantage is that it results in a low CBD content.
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