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Can you grow your own hemp?

In France, the cultivation of hemp by a private individual is a regulated activity. This plant is certainly ornamental and acts as a repellent against certain parasites, but it also contains THC, a psychotropic substance subject to strict regulations. It…

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Can CBD be used to treat low back pain?

More and more people are turning to alternative or complementary medicine for treatment. There may be different reasons for this. For a while, herbal medicine products were all the rage, but now it is cannabis products that are becoming popular….

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How can the CBD solve intestinal problems?

Diseases of the intestines are caused by a range of conditions that make the digestive tract heavier. Often, these conditions lead to chronic inflammation and can pierce the walls of the intestine. Of course, various symptoms can appear throughout the…

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The CBD against chronic pain: all the information you need to know

CBD or cannabidiol belongs to a family of chemical compounds called cannabinoids. It is a cannabis derivative. According to researchers, cannabidiol has many therapeutic properties, including the treatment of inflammatory pain. Therefore, CBD oil is particularly used to relieve various…

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What do the doctors say about the CBD?

Cannabis-based products are multiplying everywhere today. The CBD found in this type of plant is used as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. It can therefore be used legally. Indeed, cannabidiol or CBD is presumed to be less dangerous and addictive,…

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What are the effects of CBD on migraine?

Cannabis has always been considered illegal in society. This plant is considered a narcotic because it inflicts adverse health effects. However, the discovery of CBD has changed the view of this highly controversial plant. Contrary to what one might think,…

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