In France, the cultivation of hemp by a private individual is a regulated activity. This plant is certainly ornamental and acts as a repellent against certain parasites, but it also contains THC, a psychotropic substance subject to strict regulations. It is therefore advisable to grow it legally.  

Regulations for the cultivation of hemp

To grow your own hemp in the garden, it is advisable to inform yourself beforehand about the regulations in force, to avoid any problems. It is essential to make a declaration of honour beforehand, and to keep it at the disposal of the Ministry of the Interior. In addition, you must inform the local gendarmerie of your hemp cultivation, if you want it to be done legally. Private individuals are allowed to grow all varieties, but only those approved by French and European regulations, and whose THC (delta 9 Tetra Hydro Cannabiol) level is less than 0.2%. The courageous amateurs of this plant will also have to take care of rigorous administrative procedures to acquire the seeds.  

Regular and frequent controls

Individuals who plan to grow their own hemp must expect regular checks by the authorities. It is forbidden to use farm-saved seeds which may increase the THC content and thus be guilty of growing highly psychotropic plants.  Checks are also carried out on the quantity of male and female flower plants, as female plants produce more THC. In addition, it should be noted that authorized varieties of cannabis can be planted, with the use of fibres and seeds only. Therefore, it is possible to cultivate hemp on a larger scale, provided that the flowers, which are intended for psychotropic use, are not used.  

Hemp, an interesting crop

This plant has many qualities, and growing your own hemp offers many possibilities. Once you have obtained the seeds, be aware that this crop needs warmth and sunshine to grow well, and that the temperature must be above 15° day and night. Above all, it is advisable to clean the area by removing weeds and adding compost to the soil. To do this, preferably use a rake to keep the soil clean and well aerated. The hemp seeds can be sown in rows or broadcast, making sure that they are all well covered with soil before watering the crop in a fine rain. Afterwards, thin out the plants that have emerged from the soil, leaving about 20 cm between each one. To obtain healthy and vigorous plants, make sure to water them regularly.