All over the world, hemp is used as food or as an essential fibre. Over the millennia, this plant has clothed, warmed, sheltered and also fed entire populations. Hemp is therefore an amazing plant. These benefits are multiple. The cultivation of hemp offers a thousand possibilities in the ecological field. This article helps you to know the ecological virtues of hemp.  

A profitable and clean crop

Previously, the cultivation of hemp was neglected. Now it is once again attracting many farmers. It has many ecological advantages. Hemp is a disease-resistant plant. It is a very advantageous crop from an ecological point of view. Indeed, hemp cultivation requires little maintenance. Hemp also allows a fast cultivation with a short life cycle of four to five months. In this case, it is an interesting yield. Apart from that, hemp cultivation is ideal for the preparation of the land to be able to accommodate other plantings. The plant smothers weeds. It leaves a clean soil. The branched roots of the plant grow deep. This results in loose soil that is easy to work with.

The oil and seeds are good for the arteries

Consumed in the form of oil or seed, hemp offers several nutritional benefits. Most oils that are too rich in omega 6 can cause inflammatory and cardiovascular disorders. On the other hand, the level of fatty acids in hemp oil is balanced. This brings benefits for the health of the arteries and also lowers the cholesterol level in the blood. In addition to being rich in nutrients, hemp oil is one of the oils that contain less fat. On the other hand, hemp seeds called hemp seed are rich in protein, minerals, fibre and vitamins. Thus, hemp oil and hemp seeds are good for the arteries.  

The oil is ideal for the skin

Thanks to the moisturizing properties of hemp oil, apart from its use in food, it works wonders in cosmetics. In this case, hemp oil is ideal for moisturizing the skin. In spite of its nourishing virtues, it remains little known. Thus, it is useful for anti-aging care. Hemp oil boosts the micro-circulation and also helps to fight various small rednesses. The whole promotes hydration and repair of the skin. Moreover, it is still effective in reducing the sensation of overheating whether it is related to light burns or sunburn. Thus, doctors have become interested in the protective properties of the oil. They use it to soothe burns that are related to radiotherapy. In addition, doctors use hemp oil after shaving to soothe irritations. From all points of view, it can be said that hemp is a miracle plant.